Geoff has been collecting trash along the Sakonnet shoreline since 2004; from balloons and nip bottles to shotgun shells and fish bait bags. He has taken on the mission of keeping the coastline that he loves so much free of litter and debris. In 2012 he began documenting the extent of this pressing issue by devoting himself to the time-consuming task of sorting each and every item, arraying them according to type, and creating a photographic record of the tremendous volumes of human waste that is delivered daily to our shoreline via tides and currents…or just left behind by thoughtless beach visitors.

Litter is unsightly and hazardous to human and animal life. Unfortunately, the majority of people walk past litter…either they are unconcerned, desensitized by the sheer volume of it in their everyday environment, or believe that there will always be someone else to pick it up…and afterall it’s not “their” job! There are a select few willing to devote themselves to maintaining the integrity of their environment. Geoff is out there making a difference on a daily basis. Visit the Little Compton shoreline and witness the results of Geoff’s efforts.

Sakonnet Beaches

Goosewing Beach Preserve ~ Balloons

BRiggs Beach & Year-end totals ~ Balloons

Briggs Beach is a private beach.


Briggs Beach is a private beach.

Sakonnet River & Point

Balloons collected from the shoreline of the Sakonnet River.

Sakonnet River ~ Balloons